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Lazy Sunday Podcast and My Top 5 Songs… With Names in them.

Thanks everyone for leaving me their lazy sunday songs. Here is the podcast, hope you enjoy!

download it here


Here are My Top Five Songs with Names in them. Is your name on the list? Someone you know? Just want to hear a song? Leave your favourites in the comment section!

5. Razzle Dazzle Rose, Camera Obscura

4. Emily Kane, Art Brut

3. Evil, Interpol EDIT I had to put Interpol in after their stomping good show on Sunday.

2. Jane Says, Janes Addiction

1. Roxanne, The Police


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Podcast #1 & My Top 5 Lazy Sunday Songs

Here it is! The first ever podcast! Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!

download it here


Next week we’re doing My Top 5 Lazy Sunday Songs, so here are mine. What are yours? Remember YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE 5! Any suggestions are welcome.

5. Feist, Brandy Alexander

4. The Shins, Young Pilgrims

3. A Tune For Jack, Lemonjelly

2. Waterloo Sunset, The Kinks

1. Sittin’ on The Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding

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My Top Five… Songs to Wake Up to. Complete!

What helps you shake the cobwebs out in the morning? Is there something which makes that half asleep commute to work quicker? Do you need a rhythm to brush your teeth to? Here’s my top 5 songs to wake up to.

EDIT 5. Junior Kickstart, The Go Team!

4. Good morning Good morning, The Beatles

3. Wake Up, Arcade Fire

2. Sabotage, The Beastie Boys

1. In The Mood, The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Whats yours? Let us know what’s yours in the comment section. It doesn’t have to be 5 you could have more or less. If you have an interesting story let us know. Get the podcast here.

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When life give you lemons… podcast them

Welcome to My Top Five! This all started out as an idea for a radio show but unfortunately, it never got made. However, the idea was good and it lives on here. Starting very soon, every week we will be presenting our Top Five …something… and will be looking for YOU to give us yours. Just leave a comment, it doesn’t have to be 5, it can be 1 or 10, we just want to know what songs you sing in the shower, which ones make you laugh, which ones remind you of that holiday last year and all the rest. If you have an interesting story behind your song(s), let us know!

At the end of the week we will compile our top 5 with your top 5 and you will be able to download it as a podcast. Neato!

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