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Break Up Songs Podcast and My Top 5 Valentines Day Mix Tape Songs

 Download the Breakup Podcast here

Breakup Songs Podcast

Thanks everyone for leaving some great breakup songs! I think we got a good mix of angry, sad, solemn, pensive and “fuck you bitch”. We’re hoping to continue tugging at the heartstrings this week with My Top 5 Valentines Day Mix Tape Songs. So I’m sure you all have some classics. Bonus points go to songs actually used in a Valentines Day mix and if you want to leave a dedication to that someone special then let me know.

Here are my five. What are yours? Get writing!

5. Stick with me, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

4. Anyone else but you, The Moldy Peaches

3. Your Face, The Frames

2. Sixteen, Maybe Less. Calexico & Iron Wine

1. You Don’t Know Me, Ray Charles


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Songs from Ads Podcast and My Top Five Breakup Songs

Download the Songs from Ads Podcast here

Songs From Ads Podcast

Some great songs for the ads podcast (check out the final playlist below). In 2 weeks time we will be hitting one of the classic mix tape making days of years as we do the Top Five Valentines Day Mix Tape songs. But not yet! First we’re going to balance it out nicely and let the single people be depressed by playing My Top Five Breakup songs. We’re looking for everything from painful goodbyes, tear jerking yearning to the angry bitterness and knowing your better off without them.

So here are mine. What are yours? (Podcasting Wednesday)

5. One More Night, Stars

4. I’ve Got No Distance Left To Run, Blur

3. Walk Away, Ben Harper

2. People in Love, Art Brut

1. Strings That Tie To You, Jon Brion

P.S. The funny cartoon is by the even funnier Jarlath Regan. Check out some of his standup and other cards here.

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Cheer Up Podcast and My Top Five Songs from Ads. Podcasted.

Download the Cheer Up Songs Podcast here

Cheer Up Songs podcast

I’m thoroughly uplifted after recording the Songs to Cheer You Up Podcast. Thanks for all who left suggestions including new blog buddies VonPip and Monscooch. Next week I’m looking for your top 5 songs from ads. They can be ones that always remind you of a brand (e.g. Republica, Ready To Go), ones with infectiously catchy tunes (e.g. Young Folks, Peter Bjorn and John), make you want to sing along and dance (e.g. Bohemian Like You, Dandy Warhols) or just be crazy songs (who remember Flat Eric and The Flatbeat!). Anyway, here are My Top Five what are yours?

Get your suggestions in to make the next podcast (Wednesday).

EDIT: The ever resourceful Monscooch has found this link to make things easier.


4Hero, Les Fleurs (Baileys) (Monscooch)
5 . Wouldn’t it Be Nice, The Beach Boys (Irish National Lottery)

Uncle Pat, Ash (Heineken) Kate

4. Heartbeats, Jose Gonzalez (Sony Bravia) (rut)

Disseminated, Soul Coughing (Ford Transit) (Matt & K.Tee)3. A Little Less Conversation, Elvis Presley vs. JXL (Nike Football)

Fantastic Cat, Takako Minewa susan, Julie

2. Mr. Brightside, The Killers (Champion Sports)

Let’s Dance, Paula Flynn (Liam & Jane) (Ballygowan)
1. Spaceman, Babylon Zoo (Levi Jeans)

Also, as requested by a My Top Five reader, I’ve now put the full playlist of the podcast on the relevant posts. Keep the feedback coming folks.

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Best of 2007 Podcast and My Top 5 Cheer Up Songs.

So it’s a little bit late but here is the Best of 2007 podcast! It was nearly impossible to limit it to 10. Thanks everyone for suggesting and hope we have a great 2008 filled with top five moments and songs.
Download the podcast here

mytopfive Best of 2007

Now that we are in the depressing month of January I thought I’d do the top 5 cheer up songs. Everyone seems to be broke, there’s not much on and it’s cold,wet and windy. If anyone needed a cheer up song it’s now. Here are mine what are yours? GET SUGGESTING!


Float On, Modest Mouse (liam, roisin)

5 .For the price of a cup of tea, Belle & Sebastian

99 luftballon (kate, Jane)

4. This Year, The Mountain Goats

Touch The Sky (pedro monscooch)

3. Scenic world, Beirut

You’re the One For Me Fatty, Morrissey (von pip)

2. Spectacular views, Rilo Kiley

billy idol, dancing with myself (jenna)

1. Light and Day, The Polyphonic Spree

Also, as part of our continual efforts to improve mytopfive we now have an FAQ section.

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We are on iTunes! And My Top Five Songs of 2007. Podcasted

For those of you who use iTunes, you can now find our podcast on the iTunes Store. To automatically find it in iTunes, click here. Thanks for everyones support in 2007 and I’m hoping to continually improve the blog and podcast this year (suggestions welcome as always).

Also, I’ve finally stopped sleeping and eating long enough to compile My Top Five Songs of 2007. Some of you may be see it as being a little controversial. There is nothing from Neon Bible and nothing from In Rainbows. I chose songs which I found myself playing repeatedly over and over. Of course, I want to hear your suggestions so you’re free to remedy this if you think this is an aural travesty.

EDIT: I had to put LCD Soundsystem in. What was I thinking!

5. Feist – 1,2,3,4

EDIT 3. LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends

3.The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control

2. Justice – D.A.N.C.E

1. Los Campesinos – International Tweexcore Underground

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