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We are on iTunes! And My Top Five Songs of 2007. Podcasted

For those of you who use iTunes, you can now find our podcast on the iTunes Store. To automatically find it in iTunes, click here. Thanks for everyones support in 2007 and I’m hoping to continually improve the blog and podcast this year (suggestions welcome as always).

Also, I’ve finally stopped sleeping and eating long enough to compile My Top Five Songs of 2007. Some of you may be see it as being a little controversial. There is nothing from Neon Bible and nothing from In Rainbows. I chose songs which I found myself playing repeatedly over and over. Of course, I want to hear your suggestions so you’re free to remedy this if you think this is an aural travesty.

EDIT: I had to put LCD Soundsystem in. What was I thinking!

5. Feist – 1,2,3,4

EDIT 3. LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends

3.The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control

2. Justice – D.A.N.C.E

1. Los Campesinos – International Tweexcore Underground


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    My top songs of 2007 coming your way…….

    Mammoth – Interpol

    Australia – The Shins

    Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors – Editors

    Racing Like a Pro – The National

    Lost – Michael Buble (Yes! Believe it!)

    A second from me for Feist too!

    Comment by Susan | January 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Happy New Year to everyone, hope you have all recovered and are charging into 2008 with a full head of steam.

    Best of 2007… YE GODS!!! – And only allowed 5 no-less this is going to be very tough indeed.

    Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing
    No way any one was going to escape from this one really; it has driven our dance floors mad all summer long! Funny thing is, they actually recorded this track with the debut album a few years ago, the album didn’t make much noise and the original tapes were lost when the New Orleans studio was hit by Katrina in 2005. Then, thanks to DJ Quantic including this feel good cover version in his sets has really bought the band to people’s attention and given them the success they truly deserve. BAD TUNE!!!! Look out for the debut Dublin visit in early 2008.

    Lack Of Afro – Touch My Soul
    Again, another dance floor winner which exudes summer happiness. Picked up L.O.A’s debut 45 at the beginning of the year and got in contact with him through my radio show. A friendship was quickly formed and I was emailed this track as soon as it had been completed as a worldwide exclusive, which I am still so proud of as for me it’s the best track on his superb album. (On which I even get a mention in the credits – Get In!)

    Tuomo – True Friend
    Been a great year for new talent I’ve found and one of the best examples of this is Finish Soul singer Tuomo. He’s had quite a monster smash with the release of his debut 45 ‘Don’t Take It Too Hard’ but by far the best track on the album is this track. Love the lyrical content & the beautiful way he sings it. Honestly people, get yourselves a copy of this album!

    Nas – Can’t Forget About You
    It’s also been a fine year for a bit of the old hippity hop for those that are that way inclined. Jazzy Jeff, Lupe Fiasco & many more have all been releasing pure gems, but by far the best & indeed the most requested track on my show this year has been this little gem combining heavy beats over a sample of Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’ to brilliant effect.

    James Brown – Sunny (JB’s Hard-Boiled Mix)
    The Godfather himself has seen music stores flooded with re-issues since his death last Christmas, so much so that when an already completed remix album hit the stores in January entitled ‘Mr. Dynamite’. It went fairly un-noticed under all the other re-issues. Sunny, a track written originally by Bobby Hebb and covered by the likes of Marvin Gaye & Bonny M over the years, has proved to be a total winner for me in 2007, I love the way the first minute starts as a balled before that heavy and skillfully done drum loop kicks in sending my dance floors into complete meltdown, BIG tune!

    Comment by King Tee! | January 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’ll be honest King Tee. I haven’t heard of a single one of those songs. But listened to them all today and I’m definitely putting in Sexual Healing. It’s addictive like crack (not that I would know)! Is Elbowroom back on in January?

    Comment by Tom | January 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. Happy New Year All!

    5. LCD Soundsystem – All my Friends
    4. Reckoner – Radiohead
    3. Imitosis – Andrew Bird
    2. Spitting Venom – Modest Mouse
    1. Fake Empire – The National

    Other honorable mentions would include:
    Panda Bear – Bros
    Okkervil River – Plus One
    Editors – Smokers outside the Hospital Doors
    Sonic Youth – Incinerate
    Bright Eyes – Four Winds
    Kings of Leon – Charmer
    White Rabbits – Kid on my Shoulders

    Good choices King Tee. I hadn’t heard any of them either, but they’re all ace.

    Comment by Oeoz | January 7, 2008 | Reply

  5. Crap, I completely forgot about the Arcade Fire album. Ummmmm, Black Waves/Bad Vibrations I think.

    Comment by Oeoz | January 7, 2008 | Reply

  6. can’t i download it without using iTunes? like mp3

    Comment by Mo. | January 7, 2008 | Reply

  7. Yep, Just right click on the the file and save as. or left click to just listen to it.

    Comment by Tom | January 7, 2008 | Reply

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