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Great band, silly name podcast and My Top Five Workout Songs. Last Day for suggestions!!!

Download the Great Band Silly Name Podcast here

Silly Name Podcast

Thanks everyone for some really weird names! I think it was our most “alternative” podcast so far (We’re up to TEN!). The next podcast is going to be a little be delayed due to some travel arrangements I have. But we’re gonna be back with a bang with My Top Five Workout Songs. There are loads of gems to be had in here, so many I can’t narrow down to five yet. So let us know what gets your blood pumping or what keeps you going on the treadmill!

My Top Five Workout Songs.

5. Cake, The Distance

4. Doves, Pounding

3. The Go Team!, Huddle Formation

2.The Strokes, Reptilia

1. Daft Punk, Aerodynamic/Harder Better Faster Stronger


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Valentines Mix Tape Podcast and My Top 5 Great Bands With Silly Names. Podcasting Thursday

Download the Valentines Day Mixtape Podcast here

Valentines Mixtape Podcast

Thanks everyone for opening up and sharing your Valentines day mixtapes! We got some real cheesy ones and some alternative slow burners in. If you actually use any of the songs for a real Valentines day mixtape let us know how you get on! Anyway, next week we’re looking for your favourite bands that have silly names. They can be rude, stupid, funny or just plain don’t make sense, let us know!

Here are my five, what are yours?

5. Queens of the Stone Age
4. Architecture in Helsinki
3. Dogs Die in Hot Cars
2. Neutral Milk Hotel
1. Clap your hands say yeah

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