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Alternative Singers Podcast and My Top Five Driving Songs

A brilliant crop of songs from you guys helped make this one of my favourite podcasts so far. Download it here.

Alternative Singers Podcast.mp3

So with the weather picking up and a Bank Holiday on the horizon, I thought about doing My Top Five Driving Songs for next week. Just imagine the wind in your hair, an empty road and just kicking back through those miles. A lot of songs I would normally play were already on my workout podcast but here are mine, what are yours?

My Top Five Driving Songs

5. I Turn my Camera On, Spoon

4.Ballad of the Lonely Argonaut, Beulah

3.Unforgettable Season, Cut Copy

2. Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen

1. Let’s Get Out of The Country, Camera Obscura


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Wedding Podcast, My Top Five Alternative Voices

The Wedding Reception Classics were very fun and thanks everyone for helping. Download it here.

Wedding Podcast.mp3

Returning back to our indie roots, this week we’re looking for your Top Five Alternative Voices. By this I mean singers who sound unique and different in a good way. In a world of X-factors and Pop Idols, this week we’re looking for the people who can’t sing, at least not in a conventional sense, yet they deliver more emotion and identity to music than your average Backstreet Boy.

Here are My Top Five, what are yours?

5. Neutral Milk Hotel

4. EDIT Wolf Parade

3. The National

2. Tom Waits

1. Bright Eyes

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Unplugged Podcast, My Top Five Wedding Reception Classics

Thanks to everyone who left comments for the Unplugged Podcast, It’s twelve songs long and you can download it here.

Unplugged podcast.mp3

As a dedication to my friend Ian who’s getting married tomorrow, we’re looking for your Top Five Wedding Reception Classics. I’m talking about the songs that will make men, women and children dance (some with more panache than others). So what songs will Uncle Jimmy try to boogie to?
Here are My Top Five what are yours….
5. Tainted Love, Soft Cell
4. Video Killed The Radio Star, The Bugles
3. Do the Hustle, Disco
2. I Saw Her Standing There, The Beatles
1. Teenage Kicks, The Undertones

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Air Guitar Podcast & My Top Five Unplugged Songs

Download the Air Guitar Podcast here


Thank you everyone for making the delightfully silly testosterone mania that was the Air Guitar Top Fives! So for a little bit of contrast and inspired by Earth Hour, this week we’re putting down the electric guitars and going for our Top Five Unplugged Acoustic Songs. So get your thinking caps on! It can be something soothing and relaxing or something you play at a guitar house parties or just any old acoustic song!
Here are My Top Five what are yours….
5. Hotel Yorba, White Stripes
4. Thirteen, Wilco (Big Star)
3. Weezer, No One Else
2. Sunday, Bloc Party
1. Layla, Eric Clapton

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