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Barbeque Podcast and My Top Five Songs that tell stories

Well I think we jinxed the weather by announcing the bbq podcast but it turned out pretty great and hopefully the weather will too!

Download it here

Barbeque podcast.mp3

For the next podcast we’re looking for your top songs which tell stories. They can be funny, romantic, depressing or relate to something that happened to you. Here are My Top Five, what are yours?

5. Barenaked Ladies, The Old Apartment

4. Daft Punk, Digital Love

3. Bright Eyes, At The Bottom of Everything

2. The Beatles, Rocky Racoon

1. Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue


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Instrumental Podcast and My Top Five Barbeque Songs

Woah! There was so many suggestions for the instrumental podcast I squished in 12 songs to make it the longest podcast so far. For the people I missed out, I PROMISE I will play something for you next week.

Download the Instrumental Podcast here

Instrumental Podcast.mp3

For next week, the Barbeque season is well underway and I’m the one who always makes BBQ mixtapes so I thought I might share some of my favourites. Here are My Top Five Barbeque Songs, what are yours?

5. Feel Good By Numbers, The Go Team!

4. Love Me Like You, Magic Numbers

3. Fresh Feeling, Eels

2. Score from Augusta, Beulah

1. If She Wants Me, Belle and Sebastian

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Soundtracks Podcast and My Top Five Instrumental Songs

Another week, another bunch of great songs, thanks guys! Listen to your Soundtracks Podcast here

Soundtracks Podcast.mp3

Keeping in similar lines to the soundtracks, this week we’re looking for instrumental tracks. Sometimes you don’t want lyrics (like studying or reading) and other times the music is so fantastic you don’t need lyrics. So let’s listen to the musicians shine, here are My Top Five Instrumental Tracks

5. Halo Benders, Rebels Got a Hole in it

4. Super Extra Bonus Party, Propeller

3. Metronomy, You Could Easily have me

2. Nomo, Nu Tones

1. Mogwai, You Don’t Know Jesus

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Solo/Side Project Podcast and My Top Five Soundtrack Songs

Thanks for the solo/side project suggestions! I was surprised (but secretly happy) not to see Thom Yorke.

Download the podcast here

SoloSide Project Podcast.mp3

This week promises to be another monster of a podcast as we are doing My Top Five Soundtrack Songs! There are so many, I could have done a Top Five on John Williams alone. So here are My Five (I really struggled to get it down to 5 but you don’t have to), what are yours?

5. Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters

4. Yen on a Carousel, Ocean’s Twelve

3. Clubbed to Death, The Matrix

2. Gabriel’s Oboe, The Mission

1. Indiana Jones Theme, Indiana Jones

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Nialler9’s Sunshine Mix

There’s nothing we appreciate more than a well made mixtape. So it’s no surprse we’re well impressed with Nialler9‘s summer mixtape.

Check it out here.

MyLeftVentricle has her latest Lolomix out too here. It’s about Sleep.

Any other mixtapers I’ve forgotten? Graham Linehan does one occasionally.

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Driving Podcast and My Top Five Solo/Side Projects

Thanks everyone for helping with the Driving Songs! Check out the podcast here.

Driving Podcast.mp3

So for next week we’re paying homage for those who want to break out of their pack and start something new and different. It’s My Top Five Solo/Side Projects! We’re not going to be picky about what constitutes a side project. Is every off shoot from Broken Social Scene a side project? We will allow it! So here are mine what are yours?

5. Stephen Malkmus

4. Feist

3. The Raconteurs

2. Frank Black

1. Gorillaz

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