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Cunning Linguist Podcast and My Top Five Songs to Fall Asleep

Thank you all for sharing your cunning linguists with me. Check out the tasty podcast here.

Cunning Linguist Podcast.mp3

Next week theme is inspired by a post on the Pulp and Circumstance blog where Jenna described a study to find the best songs to fall asleep to. Well I can think we can do better than a lousy science experiment and make our own list. Here are my Top Five Songs to Fall Asleep, what are yours?

5. Bon Iver, The Wolves

4. Feist, The Park

3. The Frames, Plateau

2. Sparklehorse, It’s a Wonderful Life

1. Arvo Part, Spiegel in Spiegel


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Pride Podcast and My Top Five Cunning Linguists

We got an amazing response for the PRIDE podcast (we broke the site records for hits in a day twice)! Thanks for all your suggestions and hope you enjoy your collective efforts.

Download it here

Pride Podcast.mp3

For next week, we’re looking for My Top Five Cunning Linguists. These are people who can sing in foreign languages. At the moment I’ve chosen all non-English speakers who sing in English but you can go the other way too if you like. So here are mine what are yours?

My Top Five Cunning Linguists

5. Phoenix, Long Distance Call

4. CSS, Music is My Hot Hot Sex

3. Deerhoof, The Galaxist

2. I’m From Barcelona, Treehouse

1. Jens Lekman, Black Cab

NEWS: I’m giving away free tickets to Damon & Naomi at Dublin Metblogs

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MT5 Intro Podcast and My Top Five PRIDE songs

We have a new jingle! It was very difficult choosing between all the great ideas (and Queen). Check out the songs here.

Intro Podcast.mp3

For next week, I’ve been told it’s the Dublin Pride Festival. So we’re going to do a Top 5 Pride Songs. I’m not really sure what constitutes a gay pride song but I’m open minded to how you want to interpret it. I’ll be leaving the Top 5 to a few esteemed members of Dublin’s Gay Music Snob community but I’ll leave some suggestions in the comment box too.

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Story Podcast and My Top Five My Top Five intros

Kudos people! (Or Golf Claps if you’re Jenna) I really liked your suggestions for the Songs that tell stories podcast.

Download it here

Story Podcast.mp3

For next week, to celebrate 6 months of My Top Five, we are looking for a new intro jingle. So send us your suggestions! It can be any style, any genre, any part of a song (need about 10 seconds so specify where). It can be the intro, a vocal part, a riff or solo, trumpet blast, ANYTHING! As long as it sounds good we’ll take it on board.

For example, here are My Top Five My Top Five new intros

5. Silver Lining, Beulah. The cool surf guitar and trumpet intro after the bass

4. Always New Depths, Bloc Party. Another catchy little guitar riff intro.

3. Pencil Rot, Stephen Malkmus. The weird intro that sounds like a guitar synth spaceship attack

2. Korobeiniki (The “Tetris” Song), Ozma. The chorus?

1. Alternative Ulster, That slow, itchy guitar build up at the very beginning.


My Top Five Regular Senor Pedro Monscooch has made his own mashup mixtape. Check it out here.

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