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Shower Songs and My Top Five Organ Songs

Wanna have a concert in your shower. We’ve prepared the perfect shower sing songs here.

Download the podcast here.

Shower Podcast.mp3

For next week we’re doing theme suggested by my friend Joe (everyone is welcome to suggest songs and themes). He wanted a Top Five Songs featuring the Organ. It’s not an odd request once you consider the amount of songs the organ and electric organ appear in. In case you’re not sure what an organ sounds like listen to this. So here is Joe’s Top Five what are yours.

5. Chips Ahoy, The Holdsteady

4. Sukie in the Graveyard, Belle and Sebastian

3. High Party, Ted Leo

2. Pump it Up, Elvis Costello

1. New Era, The Specials


August 29, 2008 Posted by | Music, My Top Five, Podcast | 13 Comments