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Organ Podcast and My Top Five Unrequited Love Songs

Thanks Joe for his Top Five Organ songs idea and you guys for making it into a killer podcast.

Download it here.

Organ Podcast.mp3

For next week, we’re looking for something close to everyone’s heart. The angst, the frustration, the excitement. I’m talking of course about My Top Five Unrequited Love Songs. I’m accepting all styles and situations, as long as you can listen to them while staring at your bedroom ceiling and feeling sorry for yourself. If you need some inspiration look up the wiki page for Unrequited Love (I think it’s absolutely brilliant that wikipedia have a info on different kinds of love).

5. Add It Up, Violent Femmes

4. Is She Going Out With Him? Joe Jackson

3. Saturday Boy, Billy Bragg

2. Jeannie’s Diary, Eels

1. Everyone Knows That I Love You (except you), Divine Comedy


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