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Protest Podcast and Jenna’s Top Five Quintessential Songs for A Genre

Give hearty “Up Yours!” to the whatever is keeping you down with our excellent Protest Podcast! Thanks for all the suggestions especially those from our new blog buddies, Sheena and Mark (updated blogroll)

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For next week we have a Guest Top Fiver, in the form of Jenna! from the Pulp and Circumstance Blog. Her Top Five aims to distill the essence of individual genres of music into single songs. So which song waves the Punk banner for you? Or Indie? Or Classic Rock? Or Lo-fi anti-folk thrash? Whatever you’re into, let us know what song represents it best!

5. Gang Starr – Soliloquy of Chaos (hip hop)
4. Juan Atkins as Cybotron with Rick Davis – Alleys of Your Mind (the birth of techno)
3. Daniel Miller as The Normal – Warm Leatherette (post punk DIY basement electronica)
2. Henry Thomas – Fox and The Hounds (Early African-American blues)
1. Pulp – Common People (Britpop)


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