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Genre Podcast and My Top Five Travelling Songs

Jenna took over the reins last week and delivered a top notch theme and selection for you to enjoy. Check out here Top Five Quintessential Songs That Represent a Genre Podcast here.

Download it here

Genre Podcast.mp3

I’m going away for a good while but that’s not gonna stop the podcast. Since I’m travelling I thought it would be cool to do a travelling songs top five. Whether it’s moving house or moving country, going on holiday or a roadtrip, there are countless songs about travelling and moving. Here’s My Top Five what are yours.

5. Holiday, Weezer

4. Proud Mary, Creedance Clearwater Revival

3. Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads

2. I’ve been everywhere, Johnny Cash

1. Let’s Get Out of this Country, Camera Obscura

N.B. Due to my travelling the next podcast is going to be in a fortnight (9th Oct)


September 26, 2008 Posted by | Music, My Top Five, Podcast | 9 Comments