My Top Five…

The soundtrack of your life


So what’s going on here?

Music is about making us feel emotions and memories. Mytopfive aims to make lists of songs that affect us in different ways and we want your input too.

How does this work?

Every week we have a theme. Like my top five songs to… go to the gym to or my top five artists that died before their time etc. I will leave my top 5 and then everyone can leave your suggestions in the comments section. After a week (normally on a Wednesday) I record a podcast with my 5 and 5 suggestions.


Yep. You can leave as many or as few songs as you want. You can interpret the theme strictly or loosely. You can criticise other suggestions (including mine). If you have a reason why you picked a particular song as well you can share that too.

How do you pick who gets played?

Good old democracy. If several people want a song, it always get played no matter how much I hate it. This is assuming I have the song, so if you want me to play an obscure b-side from a limited edition vinyl I mightn’t be able to get a hold of it. If several people have suggested different songs from the same band I will also make an effort to play something from that band/album. If after all this rigmarole I still have spare “slots” in the playlist, I just pick suggestions which I think are good.

I think your suggestions are rubbish…

Fantastic! Think you can do better? Have I left out something crucial? Leave a suggestions on what I should  or shouldn’t be playing.

I have a blog/band/event. Can you leave plug for me in your podcast?

Yes, assuming it’s in someway related or relevant, leave your song suggestions on this weeks post and I’ll mention who you are and what you do when I record the next podcast.

Podcast? What’s that and how do I get it?

Podcasts are downloadable audio episodes. In our case each episode will play all the songs for that weeks particular theme as well as announcing the next top five theme. You can download them straight off the blog (right click save as) or subscribe to them using the feed.

or if you use iTunes just click here

The files are plain old mp3 so you can put them on any mp3 player and take them with you or just play them on your computer.

OMG! This is such a great idea etc. etc.

Don’t tell me. Tell your friends. I can’t do this without the help of all the excellent folk who leave suggestions and comments.

This is awful.

I welcome any constructive criticism. Let me know on the comments or by email

I own or have legal control over a song and you are using it without my permission.

Let me know and I will remove the offending song immediately. Mytopfive is a non-profit site which hopes to promote new and interesting music. I think we’re doing the bands and record companies a favour by promoting their music using my own time and money. However, I will comply with any band or label who disagrees and wants stuff taken down.


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