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Organ Podcast and My Top Five Unrequited Love Songs

Thanks Joe for his Top Five Organ songs idea and you guys for making it into a killer podcast.

Download it here.

Organ Podcast.mp3

For next week, we’re looking for something close to everyone’s heart. The angst, the frustration, the excitement. I’m talking of course about My Top Five Unrequited Love Songs. I’m accepting all styles and situations, as long as you can listen to them while staring at your bedroom ceiling and feeling sorry for yourself. If you need some inspiration look up the wiki page for Unrequited Love (I think it’s absolutely brilliant that wikipedia have a info on different kinds of love).

5. Add It Up, Violent Femmes

4. Is She Going Out With Him? Joe Jackson

3. Saturday Boy, Billy Bragg

2. Jeannie’s Diary, Eels

1. Everyone Knows That I Love You (except you), Divine Comedy


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Shower Songs and My Top Five Organ Songs

Wanna have a concert in your shower. We’ve prepared the perfect shower sing songs here.

Download the podcast here.

Shower Podcast.mp3

For next week we’re doing theme suggested by my friend Joe (everyone is welcome to suggest songs and themes). He wanted a Top Five Songs featuring the Organ. It’s not an odd request once you consider the amount of songs the organ and electric organ appear in. In case you’re not sure what an organ sounds like listen to this. So here is Joe’s Top Five what are yours.

5. Chips Ahoy, The Holdsteady

4. Sukie in the Graveyard, Belle and Sebastian

3. High Party, Ted Leo

2. Pump it Up, Elvis Costello

1. New Era, The Specials

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Multinstrumentalists Podcast and My Top Five Shower Singing Songs

Fantastic suggestions last week, thanks guy! Synths, xylophones, trumpets, we had it all in this weeks podcast. Download it here.

Multinstrumentalists Podcast.mp3

So for next week, we’re going for a classic theme. My Top Five Songs to Sing in the Shower. Don’t be shy we all do it occasionally to some degree. I tend towards the classics because I can’t remember the words to anything else. They also tend to be morning songs. Let me hear yours!

5. In Between Days, The Cure

4. Rebel, Rebel, Bowie

3. My Girl, The Temptations

2. What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye

1. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, The Beatles

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Quittin Time Podcast and My Top Five Multi-instrumentalists

Sorry about the late podcast, this weeks is all about finish up work for the week. Download it here.


Up next, we have My Top Five Multi-instrumentalists! By that I mean bands and/or songs which feature a plethora of instruments working in unison to win our hearts. Here are mine, what are yours?

5. Los Campesinos, Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats

4. Rilo Kiley, Execution of All Things

3. Stars, Your Ex-lover is Dead

2. Sufjan Stevens, The Man of Metropolis Steals our Hearts

1. Go Team!, The Wrath of Marcie

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Angry Podcast and My Top Five End of Working Week Songs

GRRRR! Some fantastic angry suggestions for the podcast! Check it out here!

Angry Podcast.mp3

I also asked for some suggestions for some new Top Fives and Jenna! delivered the goods with a few classics. So since it’s almost Friday as I write this I thought we’d do My Top Five End of Working Week Songs. The songs can be about the weekend or getting paid or freedom or just make you feel good after a hard week of toil. No rules! Here’s my five what are yours?

5. Vampire Weekend, A-Punk

4. BSS, Major Label Debut (fast)

3. Art Brut, Good Weekend

2. Easybeats, Friday on My Mind

1. The Cure, Friday I’m in Love

UPDATE: I’ve got some free tickets for Little Wings, in Whelans next week. All you gotta do is head over to Dublin Metblogs!

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Space Podcast and My Top Five Anger Songs

We had an eclectic mix for the space podcast going from Elton John to Kraftwerk. Check it out here!

Space Podcast.mp3

For next week, we’re looking for your ANGER songs! If you’re like me, there’s nothing more therapeutic when you’re in a bad mood than putting on your headphones and putting on some angry music. So here’s My Top Five, what’s yours

5. Test Icicles, Circle Square Triangle

4. Death from Above 1979, Blood On Our hands

3. Untrust Us, Crystal Castles

2. Nirvana, Territorial Pissing

1. Killing in the Name of, RATM

P.S What other Top Fives do you want to see in the future?

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Money Podcast and My Top Five Songs about Space

Sorry about the slight delay this week. Here is the Songs about Money podcast. It’s a particularly good one, well done people! Download it here

Money Podcast.mp3

Next week we’ll be doing My Top Five Songs about Space! Crazy drug addled musicians have always looked to the stars for inspiration and now it’s your turn. Here are my five what are yours?

5. Girl From Mars, Ash

4. Spacelab, Kraftwerk

3. Knights of Cydonia, Muse

2. Intergalactic, Beastie Boys

1. Space Oddity, David Bowie

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Places Podcast and My Top Five Songs about Money

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay in podcasting, I’ll try and get it down this evening!

Thanks for your favourite songs about places. You can download the podcast here.

Places Podcast.mp3

For next week, we’re looking for your Top Five Songs about money. They can be about being broke, rich, making money, wanting money, spending it, whatever you like! Here are mine what are yours.

5. Rilo Kiley, Moneymaker

4. Flying Lizards, Money (That’s what I want)

3. Notorius BIG, Mo Money Mo Problems

2. Pink Floyd, Money

1. Barenaked Ladies, If I had $1,000,000

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Sleeping Podcast and My Top Five Songs about a Place

Zzz…. I’m drifting off thanks to lovely podcast you guys made. Check it out here.

Sleeping Podcast.mp3

I’m away for a week but the next theme is going to be My Top Five Songs about a Place. It can be any kind of place; a street, a city, a country. It can be your hometown, a favourite a holiday, a place of particular signifigance or just evoke a certain feeling in you.  Anyway, here are mine what are yours?

5. Eustace Street, Delorentos

4. Walcott, Vampire Weekend (I went to Cape Cod on my J1, ah memories!)

3. London Calling, The Clash

2. Waterloo sunset, the kinks

1. Sufjan Stevens, Chicago

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Cunning Linguist Podcast and My Top Five Songs to Fall Asleep

Thank you all for sharing your cunning linguists with me. Check out the tasty podcast here.

Cunning Linguist Podcast.mp3

Next week theme is inspired by a post on the Pulp and Circumstance blog where Jenna described a study to find the best songs to fall asleep to. Well I can think we can do better than a lousy science experiment and make our own list. Here are my Top Five Songs to Fall Asleep, what are yours?

5. Bon Iver, The Wolves

4. Feist, The Park

3. The Frames, Plateau

2. Sparklehorse, It’s a Wonderful Life

1. Arvo Part, Spiegel in Spiegel

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